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Wi-Fi IP-kaamera Defender Multicam WF-10HD Wh Vaata suuremalt

Wi-Fi IP-kaamera Defender Multicam WF-10HD Wh

  • WEB-Multi10W

140,00 €

Tarne 1-3 päeva

Defenderi Wi-Fi HD-videokaamera! Multicam WF-10HD Juhtmeta mitmefunktsiooniline WiFi HD videokaamera võib toimida nagu juhtmeta IP-kaamera (videosignaali edastamine interneti kaudu, aga ka otsejuurdepääsuga), videokaamera, videosalvesti, USB-liidesega veebikaamera, fotokaamera ja kaardilugeja. Kaameraga tehtud salvestusi võib vaadata sellesse sisseehitatud juhtmeta pääsupunkti (ilma internetti sienemata) kaudu tasuta rakenduse „Unieye“ „Android-i“, „iOS“ jaoks või pilveteenuse „“ kaudu (kasutades internetti ja internetibrauserit, mis toetab „Flash-i“ või tasuta rakendust „Ustream“ kas „Android-i“ või „iOS-i“ jaoks. Rakendus „Unieye“ võimaldab muuta kaamera sätteid, edastada mobiiltelefoni häält kaamerasse, samaaegselt vaadata edastust mitmest kaamerast (kuni 4-st), salvestada videoklippe ja fotosid mälukaardile, vaadata mälukaardi videoid ja fotosid ükskõik millises mobiiltelefonis. Features: Really portable Wi-Fi IP-camcorder - no wires at all! Unique product combining capabilities of IP/Web camera and car DVR. Suppors direct wireless connection with PC/laptop/tablet PC or smartphone without internet connection and data transmission via "cloud storage" as well. Control the camcorder at any distance. Video files can be stored to memory card or to free "cloud storage".Easy setting and installation with special software. No complicated settings needed.
Transmission of high definition video HD720p.
View video content from mobile phone/tablet PC/PC at any distance from the camera itself.
Two-side communication thanks to built-in speaker and microphone.
Built-in battery 700 mAh.
Slot for MicroSD card to store video files.
Video Manual in Russian Multicam WF-10HD Expert opinion: How to classify this gadget? Sports camera, security camera or webcam? Most obvious that here we have some concept of universal camera, suitable for almost every use... Very... very interesting device. It seems a usual camera, for which it is difficult to create something new, but Defender Multicam WF-10HD has successfully fulfilled this job. It combines webcam, car DVR, security camera in itself. This universal camera will surely be appreciated by those who prefer "all-in-one" devices. Defender Multicam WF-10HD can be taken with as a Car DVR by day and be used as video baby monitor. It is just logical to use these cameras for security as well... So the use of the camera is limited only to the fantasy. Defender Multicam WF-10HD had proved itself to be universal device for video shooting. There are plenty of options of its use: Car DVR, webcam, IP-camera, action camera and all this have found room in a really compact device. The camera worth its cost through and through. "... Curious multifunctional gadget. Device really universal. So, Defender Multicam WF-10HD can be used as IP-camera for surveillance, in the mode of action-camera mounted, for example, on a bicycle, a car DVR, well webcam on the PC ... " Technical specifications: Weight: 37 g (camera) / 290 g (package with camera and accessories) Package size: 9,4 х 6,6 х 12 cm Light: No Microphone: Built-in Diaphragm: F 2,2 Exposure: Automatic Light sensitivity: Automatic (400 maximum) Sensor: 1 MP Connectivity: Wireless, Wi-Fi IEEE802.11 b/g Video resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD 720p) Power supply: Li-Ion battery, 700 mAh, charging via micro-USB Focusing: from 25 cm to Infinity Focus: Fixed Distance for stable direct connection (not via Internet): up to 10 m (if no barriers) Viewing angle: 100 ° C. Video frame rate: 30 fps Package Contents:
  • Wi-Fi camcorder
  • Tripod mount
  • Universal mount with suction cup (optimal for windshield)
  • Clip-mount
  • Magnetic holder
  • Holder to attach to tripod mount
  • Strap
  • Strap mount
  • USB cable
  • USB adapter for charging (220V)
  • Operation manual
Item numbers:
  • 63901 — White
  • 63902 — Black
  • Kaamera - 1 tk.,
  • Mikro-USB-kaabel - 1 tk.,
  • Pingeallikas - 1 tk.,
  • Sõiduki esiklaasile kinnitamiseks mõeldud iminapp - 1 tk.,
  • Kinnitusklamber - 1 tk.,
  • Magnetiline kinnitus - 1 tk.,
  • Rihma külge kinnitus - 1 tk.,
  • Statiivi külge kinnitus - 2 tk.,
  • Statiiv - 1 tk Rihm - 1 tk.
Item numbers:
  • 63901 — White
  • 63902 — Black